Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chadrei Chadarim

I was thinking further about my earlier post on Mezuzot.  I think most Orthoprax Jews would pick option six - the cheap but kosher mezuzot.  Why not go for the photocopies or empty cases?  I think the fundamental difference between someone who is Orthoprax and someone who is a liar is how we act "bechadrei chadarim." No matter what your belief regarding divine obligations, if you leave work early on Friday and go home and turn on the TV Friday night, you're not Orthoprax - you're just a liar.  It's just like hanging up an empty mezuzah case.  I think it is pretty honest to be committed to the system, even if you do so for other than the "official" reasons.  I think (hope) that it is an honest message that can be transmitted to our children.  However, doing one thing in private and one thing in public is not an honest message, and our children would surely see through that.

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